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Review by siLLy puPPy

This VIRUS sprang up in Bielefeld, Germany in 1970 and joined in the early Krautrock world of progressive psychedelic rock mixed with some early hard rock for this debut album REVELATION that featured the quintet of Werner Monka (guitar), J�rg-Dieter Krahe (keys), Bernd "Molle" Hohmann (vocals, flute), Reinhold Spiegelfeld (bass) and Wolfgang Rieke (drums). VIRUS is notable for having two a... READ MORE

Breathing The Storm

Jade Warrior
Review by kenethlevine

A few years after the entirely ambient anomaly, "At Peace", recorded at Tony Duhig's ill fated studio, JADE WARRIOR reformed with two new members, Colin Henson and Dave Sturt. Before they could begin recording, Duhig died suddenly. Shaken by the loss, the trio regrouped and created "Breathing the Storm", the first Duhig-less album in band history. While still a bit too comfortably soporific... READ MORE