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V�istyy Mielen Y�

Review by Matti

It's a real delight to witness one of my favourite Finnish prog bands to return from their long break as a recording unit. This new album has slowly been under work ever since the release of their second album Kahden kuun sirpit (2009), and some changes in the line-up have taken place again (by the way, the debut Ajatuksia maailman laidalta, 2006, had a female vocalist unlike either of the ... READ MORE

An Hour Before It's Dark

Review by Magog2112

As I was starting to delve into the world of progressive rock, my dad recommended me to listen to an album called 'Misplaced Childhood' by some band named Marillion. Reluctantly, I listened to the album. From the first note of "Pseudo Silk Kimono," I was hooked and became a Marillion fan in 2018. That means that 'An Hour Before It's Dark' was the first Marillion album I listened to on the d... READ MORE

Frijid Pink

Frijid Pink
Review by sgtpepper

It's always sad to be an artist mostly remembered for covering a well-known song. Frijid Pink was another Detroit- rock band but in terms of originality and creativity never reached the levels of MC5/Stooges. They were good players nevertheless and found inspiration in blues/R&B among others. The first album show these young lads having yet to develop their output. Though playing is likeabl... READ MORE

Octane Twisted

Porcupine Tree
Review by Warthur

The Incident had a somewhat mixed reception as far as Porcupine Tree albums go, and heralded the start of the hiatus which was only alleviated just recently with the release of Closure/Continuation. Octane Twisted, then, is one of the last documents of the pre-hiatus version of Porcupine Tree, hailing as it does from the Incident tour and leading off with the 55-minute song cycle which form... READ MORE

Odi et Amo

Review by TenYearsAfter

Odi Et Amo is the third album by Italian five-piece formation Sfaratthons, 4 years after their previous effort Appunti Di Viaggio (2019, see review). Originally Sfaratthons is from the late Seventies, in the Eighties they disbanded but in 2011 were refounded, with a new line-up and guest musicians. The current Sfaratthons feature Luca Di Nunzio (keyboards, guitars and vocals), Cecilio Lucia... READ MORE

Time To Tell

Kari Rueslatten
Review by kenethlevine

"Abandon hope all ye who enter here", here being the sultry siren song of female-led Nordic doom metal, or any of its barely thawed tentacles. In the strange case of KARI RUESLATTEN, formerly of pioneering Norwegians THE 3RD AND THE MORTAL, we are here decades clear of that group's shrapnel. Kari's music is to her prior group as BELINDA CARLISLE's is to the GOGOs, sort of. Her vocal oriente... READ MORE

A Chair at the Backdoor

Giant The Vine
Review by TenYearsAfter

Giant The Vine is a new instrumental Italian prog band that was founded in 2014 on the initiative of guitar player Fabio Vrenna (also keyboards), he teamed up with fellow guitar player Fulvio Solari, and then drummer Daniele Riotti. The name Giant The Vine is derived from the band Gentle Giant and the Genesis song One For The Vine. It took five years to release their debut album entitled Mu... READ MORE

F E A R (F*** Everyone And Run)

Review by Magog2112

I could vitriolically review this egregious album blow-by-blow, but I'll refrain as I'm not into sadomasochism. All I will say is that 'FEAR' is my absolute least favorite album from Marillion. I don't understand the hype that this album has received. Every song meanders aimlessly and stagnantly, ultimately going nowhere. Many of these songs should've been heavily revised or scrapped entire... READ MORE

Sounds That Can't Be Made

Review by Magog2112

'Sounds That Can't Be Made' is the 17th studio album by Marillion, released on 17 September 2012. The album opens with the epic, 17-minute "Gaza." This is one of the heaviest songs by Marillion, not only musically, but lyrically too. "Gaza" is among the most overtly political Marillion songs, along with "Forgotten Sons" (from 'Script for a Jester's Tear') and "The King of Sunset Town" (from... READ MORE


Review by VianaProghead

Review N� 731"Passion" is the ninth studio album of Pendragon and that was released in 2011. It was released as a special edition on Madfish, a division label of Snapper Music and in a regular form on Toff Records, the band's own label. Two packaging formats of the Madfish album exist, a digi-book and a super jewel case, which is my version, both with a DVD featuring behind the scenes foota... READ MORE