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Uriah Heep
Review by TCat

We've come to 1976 and the band Uriah Heep is now 9 albums in. The band had reached a successful pinnacle for a while with a fairly steady line-up, but had floundered a bit over the previous couple of years. Yes they had lost a member here and gained another somewhere else, but there was a core that looked impenetrable. But it wasn't. The first major change in the band's line-up was taking ... READ MORE


Review by Hector Enrique

The incorporation of Patric Moraz on the keyboards, after the departure of Rick Wakeman more dedicated for those years to his personal projects, and probably also not so in accordance with the direction of the band since Tales From Topographic Oceans, made it stay the progressive character of the group with a different personal label and make the 3 songs that compose it are good enough to m... READ MORE

Ego, Georgius

Jerzy Antczak
Review by kenethlevine

To further fuel the wholly unsubstantiated rumour that Polish neo proggers ALBION were on the verge of dichotomy at the time of their 2012 release, "The Indefinite State of Matter", a couple of years later their guitarist issued a solo disc in which keyboard player Krzysztof Malec and singer Katarzyna Sobkowicz-Malec are both absent. Jerzy chose to take on both vocalist and keyboard duties ... READ MORE

Tales From Topographic Oceans

Review by Hector Enrique

A controversial work, and that led to a series of questions and debates about the paths regarding how far progressive music could go with its philosophical and spiritual interpretations, its understanding of the universe and its relationship with divinity or themes of style, and how much in That way, music ceased to be the most important part, and became a vehicle for the message.Tales From... READ MORE

Open Your Eyes

Review by Hector Enrique

You may or may not agree with the evolution of the bands and their need to grow and explore new paths when they consider that the tours have already been exhausted, but ultimately it is a valid and respectable choice. Now, within this reasoning, it is expected that considering the group's previous history and on all of its present members who composed priceless progressive jewelry (Rick Wak... READ MORE

The Effa Lente Configuration: Parts 1​-​4

Effa Lente
Review by DamoXt7942

A sweet suite."The Effa Lente Configuration: Parts 1-4" was released as the debut album created / produced by The EFFA LENTE, a one-man project of a multi-instrumentalist David Alfred REILLY. Such a huge, magnificent scale for a debut creation reminds me of "Chicago Transit Authority", but his musical style has been well-integrated and matured, even though this stuff is his first opus. An o... READ MORE

Storm Warning

Andrew Roussak
Review by b_olariu

Andrew Roussak , this unfairly little known keyboard player released his third solo album in 2019 named Storm warning. I known his previous 2 works, debut from 2008 No trespassing who was more then solid, follow the piano album Blue intermezzo in 2010 and third this one Storm warning. In between of his fist album and new one he was the keyboard player of german progressive metal band Dorian... READ MORE

Swaddling Songs

Mellow Candle
Review by Psychedelic Paul

MELLOW CANDLE were an Irish Prog-Folk quintet whose flickering flame burned briefly but brightly in 1972 with the release of their one and only studio album, "Swaddling Songs", which has since become a treasured classic amongst Prog-Folk connoisseurs. The band were led by two sweet-voiced Irish songstresses, Clodagh Simonds (who also played piano, harpsichord and mellotron on the album) and... READ MORE

Close To The Edge

Review by Hector Enrique

It took 38 minutes and only 3 songs to establish itself as the definitive album to establish Yes as one of the greatest exponents of progressive rock, and to delineate the path that many groups of the genre and subgeneros would follow.The incorporation of Rick Wakeman from the previous Fragile, with all his arsenal of pianos, melotrones, harpsichord, among other instruments, gave the group ... READ MORE

Script For A Jester's Tear

Review by Hector Enrique

One of the best debut albums in the history of neo progressive music. After the euphoria of the 70's with the traditional groups of the genre fighting with their own demons to stay current with new proposals that revitalize them, Marillion arises to take the flag and plant it with Script For A Jester's Tear. Although they were not the first of this new wave, they were the renewed blood that... READ MORE