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The ? Lie

Seven Steps To The Green Door
Review by alainPP

SEVEN STEPS TO THE GREEN DOOR is a group I met in 2008 with "Step in my world 2" surfing on a singular fusion related productions Mr Bungle it is true! The following "The Book" was more seduced me by incorporating a mixture of phrasing, trumpet, jazz, death metal, clarinet, rap staccato words in level, vocal harmonies to a tote better organized. At references or genres, one hand on very dis... READ MORE

Pr´┐Żsages (2018)

Review by alainPP

NEMO is a group formed in the early 2000s, dissolved in 2015, leaving his songwriter JPL recognition or hope for a better readability. This is her second baby (2003) emerges in 2018, remixed, re-refined and with an original of more than 13 minutes. The atmosphere of the album is still in its pre-disaster texts, harbinger of a world that is inevitably harmful, tracing these setbacks and feat... READ MORE

Le Livre Blanc

Jean-Pierre Louveton
Review by alainPP

JPL, the leader of groups and NEMO WOLFSPRING released its 2017 "White Paper". So why not take the opportunity for you to say a word! For me it is the most successful of his creations with 9 titles and over an hour of music on the theme of distrust of religions. Musically, we dive here in typically PROG atmospheres where the sound takes us in dreamlike places of great beauty, with the help ... READ MORE


Review by alainPP

Thomas Thielen, alias "T", published by his 7th album after published before in SCYTHE two other albums. This poly-multi-instrumentalist who began with the synth and piano and finished his musical initiation by the guitar had seduced me in 2010 with "Anti-Matter Poetry" in its ambient prog hovering a little melancholy. I had found more or less distant similarities with Marillion Hogarth era... READ MORE

Half Light Souvenirs

Dark Suns
Review by alainPP

DARK SUNS is a German group of progressive metal that has even worked on his debut in the genre doom on "Swanlike" in 2002. His pedigree in my opinion has quickly evolved into prog metal in SUPERIOR, to OPETH, to PAIN OF SALVATION and to specific phases of PINK FLOYD or MARILLION, ie their creative space. Their "Existence" 2005 remains for me one of the year's slaps as "Grave Human Genuine"... READ MORE


Red Sand
Review by alainPP

RED SAND is a Canadian group who released his first album in 2003 and happened to my ears in 2004 with "Gentry"; I had directly stamped 'rock neo-prog to MARILLION! A great group said second area that had the atmosphere kept him MARILLION period FISH; subsequently, their sound had evolved to produce a neo-prog rock a little beefier than their parents and give moods worked as the wonderful t... READ MORE


Brighteye Brison
Review by alainPP

BRIGHTEYE BRISON is a Swedish group that was high on PROG foundations origins as GENESIS, ELP, YES, GENTLE GIANT (which I always read as much harm to their base despite his musical energy) and later Magellan or THE FLOWER KINGS. He also took more northern groups as influences ANEKDOTEN, Landberk and was able to introduce himself themes for WOBBLER more recently. In his titles often drawers,... READ MORE

Alter Ego

Joost Maglev
Review by alainPP

JOOST MAGLEV is multi-instrumentalist, though; he has released three albums since 2012, in a somewhat unclassifiable genre, a genre melting pot of genres that have swept the last decades. It's inside of pop, a little variety, FM radio, symphonic, full of hard and derivatives prog there! At the musicians level, looking a little more closely, we find BOGERT KNIGHT AREA (a group largely unknow... READ MORE

Over There

Sequentia Legenda
Review by alainPP

SEQUENTIA LEGENDA is a concept, a project of a French keyboard instrumentalist who had to swim in the electronic music of the 70s listening KLAUS SCHULZE or TANGERINE DREAM. This musician out this month a true masterpiece of revival "Berlin Old School" with a tinted music sounds "master", but also with a creation, energy and atmospheric compositions and sequenced in fine style; it is simple... READ MORE

On The Shore

Review by Psychedelic Paul

TREES were a short-lived English Folk band who first emerged from the forest in 1969. They recorded two albums together: "The Garden of Jane Delawney" (1969) and "On the Shore" (1970). Neither album achieved commercial success and they were derided by the ignorant music press at the time as being a sound-alike Fairport Convention band. However, Trees particular brand of Folk music was a fai... READ MORE