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Sola Scriptura

Neal Morse
Review by PriestOfCyrinx

I have been listening to this album for years, and have heard nearly all of Neal Morse's discography. This one is by far my favorite of all of his work (from what I have heard so far).This is the album I would definitely use to try to introduce people to Neal's style. In my opinion this album showcases all of his best elements at the top of their form.The album is so ... READ MORE


Nodo Gordiano
Review by BrufordFreak

My first exposure to the cinematic music of Nodo Gordiano! After this experience I am sure to backtrack into the band's discography to hear other releases.1. "Heng" (26:00) blending several styles together including VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR, TANGERINE DREAM, GENESIS, ART ZOYD, RICHARD WRIGHT/DICK PARRY--sometimes multiple times, each--this epic is reliant on a blending... READ MORE

Blaise et Benjamin

Review by Mellotron Storm

This was the last of the four studio albums that VERSAILLES released in the 90's. That third one from 1994 is my favourite despite feeling like the shorter tracks weren't nearly on the level of the longer ones. On this record they eliminate the short tunes as we get four long pieces over 54 minutes of time. And while I feel this final record is more consistent than t... READ MORE

No No No No

Review by kev rowland

Here we have the debut album by duo music of Timba Harris (violin) and Dorothy Wave (vocals, keyboards) who extended to a quartet with the addition of Toby Driver (bass) and Joel Murray (drums). All four of these musicians have a long history in the RIO and avant scene, being involved in the likes of Estradasphere, Secret Chiefs 3, a.P.A.t.T., Kayo Dot, Extra Life, D... READ MORE

Inside Out

Review by m0usey

Inside Out is the fourth studio album from Yorkshire trio Materialeyes. Their previous album Three of a Kind was released in 2021. Inside Out consists of five tracks and comes in at a tad under one hour in total. The opening song, This World is singer and composer Dave Westmoreland's take on the effects and causes of global warming. A satisfying guitar power chord i... READ MORE

Here It Is

Review by Mellotron Storm

While I'm not the biggest fan of ELP inspired bands there are exceptions like TRIUMVERAT and this band called TRILOGY both from Germany. TRILOGY is named after an ELP album and they have two keyboardists both playing organ and synths with one of them adding clavinet. Guitar, bass and drums rounds out this five piece. This all instrumental record was released in 1980 ... READ MORE

Brave New World

Built for the Future
Review by KansasForEver

Watch out Peplum!!! For yours truly who is not a big fan of albums that exceed fifty-five or even sixty minutes, well for once, I did violence to myself with this second album from the Texans of BUILT FOR THE FUTURE which is approaching seventy-five minutes ! This album is neither more nor less than the sequel to "Chasing Light" released in the summer of 2015 (five y... READ MORE

Divide et Impera

Review by kev rowland

A few months ago I belatedly reviewed this band's 2014 debut album, most annoyed with myself for not writing about it earlier, but after I sent it to Fabio he asked if I would also like to hear their 2020 release (and told me there is a new album due for the end of this year). Although there was six years between the first and second, the core of the band stayed the ... READ MORE

PoiL Ueda (as PoiL Ueda)

Review by kev rowland

Here we have the latest project from RIO outfit PoiL, who have combined forces with Junko Ueda, a vocalist and satsuma-biwa player from Japan, to create a new work based on the 13th-century Japanese epic tale "Heike- Monogatari." Ueda is well-known exponent of Japanese medieval epic storytelling, and here we have his vocals and stylings over the top of the complex exp... READ MORE

2973 - La Nemica Dei Ricordi

Review by VianaProghead

Review N� 678Spettri is an Italian progressive rock band from Florence which appeared during the height of the Italian golden era of the 70's. The history of Spettri is a bit strange and not easy to follow. Spettri was formed in 1964 in Florence and they disbanded in 1975. For some reason, their eponymous debut studio album which was... READ MORE